Dear Chiara…

DEAR chiara

With her life Chiara left us a witness of faith.
In this page you can leave comments, thoughts, prayers and your own witness of faith about Chiara.  Your messages are moderated and will be published as soon as possible.


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  1. Sr Maria Agnes Mc

    I am Sr Maria Agnes Chiara life has touched very deeply she came to me in a time very painful than I was living I love her and pray to her
    please may I have Rico’s home address and a relic and can you please pray for me
    Santa Ana, California

  2. Dear Chiara, I am reading the book “Siamo nati e non moriremi mai piú” in the midst of confusion in my life. I thought I had it all figured out, but, just like you, I now understand that I got it all wrong, maybe I don’t know anything. The Lord is really talking to me through the book and your amazing story and words. I feel so connected to you, like you have first walked the path I am now walking, even though our stories are not that similar.
    Thank you for your testimony, your words, your beautiful soul.
    Thank you Lord for Chiara’s life.

  3. Sara Andrade

    Dear Chiara,
    I thank the Lord for your beautiful life and testimony. God’s love, mercy and light shined in the world through you and continues to shine through your story.

  4. Judee Gallagher

    Dear Chiara,

    Thank you so much for your huge YES! to God’s Will.I savour every detail of your life and your’s and your husbands life together and I am overwhelmed by your love and your generosity. If you did not consider yourself to be a courageous person in your life, the generosity and love in your soul makes it so that you were in life one of the most courageous people thanks be to God! I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about a saint’s life (being named officially a saint is just a formality for you) that has made me cry so much right from the beginning and I’m only halfway through now. I know you came to me in my dreams last Friday night, that was the night I cried the most about your incredible generosity and love in reading about you, so thank you Chiara for that beautiful image of you holding a baby in the church! I pray for your quick Canonization as you are so much needed for the lost youth of today, young women who are tempted to say no to God’s gift of life. Thank you Chiara – I love you!

  5. Dear Chiara..
    I gave nearly finished your book written by your beautiful friends..
    I feel like I know you after reading it .
    Its the most beautiful story of you and Enrico and your 3 beautiful babies..

    It has helped me cone closer and understand my 2 babies who died in my womb during pregnancy..
    My husband and I are desiring to have a child to love in this world…

    When you spoke about Maria and Davide I was crying and when you shared that their beautiful lives showed the splendour of God and helped you to see Gods ways not your own ways or all those who were giving advise and comments that were not helpful..

    Oh it brought me such healing. Your wisdom to discern and love God’s ways .
    It helped me think of my two children as more than perfect and dancing with Joy in heaven with Maria and Davide and you now !!
    The world my family and friends just don’t know how to react to the lives of my little babies who only had 9 weeks and 5 weeks on this earth…

    Thank you dear Chiara .
    Gary and I met in Medugorje too..
    We broke up several times before we married..
    I love your journey with Enrico .
    Praise Jesus for revealing so much of His wisdom to you..
    Oh praise our Father and the Holy Spirit for you saying yes .accepting..
    Oh Chiara please may I humbly ask you to intercede for Gary and I to have our own child on this earth..
    To love and care for while we are here ..
    Oh dearest Chiara please intercede before the throne of Grace…
    Jesus I trust in you..
    It will be a miracle .but Jesus it’s your speciality and you Chiara are so close to Him … Do ask Him for us .
    And Mana Mary please intercede . How many times were we on apparirion hill praying Chiara for different graces..
    Please join me in asking Mary and Joseph for us to have our miracle baby …
    Thank you..
    Caroline XXX Ireland

  6. Dear Chiara,
    I have been thanking God for your life and example. Your story..everyone needs to hear. You have given me courage to say “yes” to God and mostly to trust Him who wants the best for us. Because, you suffered so much, yet your life is most beautiful, you have taught me that there is no misfortune with God. And that we are born to never die! You have shown us the reality of this truth. Through hearing your story and listening to your Husband, Enrico, I have already received a change in spirit. I have begun my novena to you.
    Thank you, dear daughter of God. I pray to become a good daughter to the Father, like you.

  7. Querida amiga do Céu, Chiara, interceda pela cura da minha filha Maria Teresa. Louvado seja Deus agora e para sempre!

  8. Thank you Chiara for your intercession. My mother has been cleared of cancer. I continue to pray for your continued intercession for her knee and for my son, I know your beautiful smile brings joy to our beloved Mother Mary and to our savior Jesus.
    Thank you

  9. My dear Chiara
    Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. I want to testify that they have changed the course of my mother’s disease. I have prayed my Son might meet someone like you. He has meet a young woman, please pray to our Heavenly Father to bless this union. Please continue to keep my mother in your prayers and my wife,sons, and loved ones. I think often on the moment you embraced the Mother of God, and your children in heaven. I know Jesus Christ must look at you with your radiant smile and smile himself. Mijata, I also ask you to help me with my anxieties..
    Thank you

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