Dear Chiara…

DEAR chiara

With her life Chiara left us a witness of faith.
In this page you can leave comments, thoughts, prayers and your own witness of faith about Chiara.  Your messages are moderated and will be published as soon as possible.


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  1. Dear Chiara, your life is a luminous light in a world so much in need of knowing the truth about love, and maternal love.
    I beg you to intercede for three little boys (triplets) who were born today prematurely and they are fighting for their lives.

  2. Please blessed go before the throne of god and ask him to help me to be a better mother, wife ,daughter, and sister. I struggle so much with my kids And husband. A over all I want to be a Authentic Christian so that I my be a good example for my children. I want to be a saint. I want to serve god with the very best that I can give . I want love in every part of my life

  3. Dear Young Lady Chiara
    I want to thank you for prayers and interseissions. I know you were praying for my mother and our family. We had wonderful news, I don’t completely understand what the doctor indicated, just what they thought was cancer was not. Thank you so much , your beautiful smile made me smile. Please,daughter, Remember me and any family when you visit with Christ and our Blessed Mother. I just know God must love to see your smile.

  4. Chiara I saw a vision of you in my prayer and i searched online and found u had appeared to me and called me to know about you on your wedding day september21, 2020. I am in India. I thank you for speaking to me. I ordered your book and the bible verses in the book are the same verses God spoke to me too. The fact you kept plants at your funeral is very special to me because I too want plants at my wedding instead of flowers. Thank You Chiara.

  5. Dear Chiara – when I was a teenager, I asked God to show me how to love. He has given me a husband and three children . Please pray that I will be able to live and love better and that I will find joy and peace even when there is sadness. Please pray for the soul of my sister and for all of us who mourn her. Also that my daughter will find healing for her voice and find the path to joy and love and peace. Thank you

  6. elizabeth dorwart

    Dear chiara,
    My mother has ocular melanoma and it has just spread to her liver. Please pray she can be healed; and if she cannot be healed please pray for our strength to let her go to God.
    Please pray for our whole family to be strong and accept Gods will.

  7. Jenny Padilla

    Dear Chiara,
    Thank you for your intercession. From the beginning of my 7th pregnancy I was scared, afraid, at times desperate since this will be my 6th c-section. I was afraid how having a 7th child would ‘interupt’ the routine of our family. I was scared how I would have to go through another c-section and would my body be strong enough to carry this child to term, would I recover slower since my last two c-sections were slow recoveries. I was scared and did not put my trust in our Lord. Then I remembered your story, how you gave your life for your beautiful son that you wanted so much after the birth of your two previous child who had died and here I was selfishly complaining. I saw your beautiful trust and the courage you had in our Lord through all of your trials and tribulations. I prayed for your intercession for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, a good c-section and a good recovery, most of all to trust in our Lord to carry me through it all. As I sit here holding my little son, Cruz Francisco, who is almost two weeks old, I thank you for your continued intercession. Thank you isn’t enough, but it’s all I can find the words for. Gracias a Dios para todos!

  8. Dear Chiara,
    please intercede for my daughter Rachael, who was born a few months before you and is now fighting stage four cancer. We are planning a novena to you and the Blessed Mother this week.. May God hear your prayers and heal her body and soul. Thank you!

  9. Dear Chiara, in my teenage years, when I found God, I was deeply convinced that He will hear and bless my decisions. I always wanted to be a teacher but even if I tried I was not able to do this job and I wanted to be a mum, but I can not have babies. I feel very useless, alone and forgotten by God, lost self confidence and happiness to live this life. I can bear somehow that I can not have babies and my husband does not want to adopt one, but I can not cope with my professional life. I feel very frustrated in this and can not bear this cross any more. Please Chiara, intercede for me, to find peace in this.

  10. dear Chiara

    help me become a mother
    pray for me before the throne of God

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