Chiara Corbella Petrillo association

Hello everyone,

On June 13, 2017, five years after the birth of Chiara to heaven, the Chiara Corbella Petrillo Association was created. It marked the completion of the time of prudent waiting that the Church requires “to verify if the enthusiasm and interest, sparked by the way Chiara lived her brief and intense life, was just a smoldering flame or rather a fire lit by the Holy Spirit in order to ignite and illuminate the life of her children”.

In these five years we have lived something wonderful together. The testimonies on the life of Chiara have been accompanied by the countless stories of faith that the Lord has inspired through her story. It is amazing to see how, through Chiara’s testimony, God has reached and touched the hearts of many people.

A new phase: The Association

Everything suggests that in the life of this young bride, mother and friend a special grace was given and it is like a proposal to the world of what true beauty is. This is why we feel that initiating the process of beatification of Chiara is a service to the Church. For us it is the testimony of testimonies.

Precisely in order for the Church to be able to examine the fruits of the life of Chiara, it is necessary that someone, in the name of a large part of God’s people, requests it. We therefore wanted to found the Chiara Corbella Petrillo Association with the aim of initiating, fostering and supporting her cause of beatification.  This association is composed of the members of the “Rosary Group” who gathered around Chiara as little by little God’s plan was revealed and accomplished in her. These members are the witnesses of the events that took place during the four years of her marriage to Enrico and recounted in the book We are born and we will never die again (English title: Chiara Corbella Petrillo: A Witness to Joy). It is a group of people who come from many different realities. The story of Chiara, providentially, belongs to the whole Church.

How to get involved

It is necessary that the Association simply follows the steps that Mother Church indicates to initiate and conduct the process of beatification. In fact, everything will continue to take place as before: we will organize initiatives, testimonies and events animated by the same desire to share how God has come into our lives in an unexpected way. Only now, moreover, it will be important to collect donations in order to support the costs of the process. The Association will make the collection easier and more transparent. As always, we need your help. At the moment there is no possibility of becoming a member of the Association. However, it is not a necessary element in order to be part of this adventure. We all will continue together to proclaim with our lives how the story of Chiara is a beautiful work of God. We will go forward together, in small possible steps (piccoli passi possibili).  Take care.