Maria Grazia Letizia memory card
With you in our arms
even if only for half an hour, we were content
we couldn’t stop looking at your nose just like mine
and those little hands and feet.
We don’t have much time to tell you so many things
that we love you – that much I know you know
but maybe you don’t know that you are born for eternity
and that I am not your father and neither is she your mother
just think! The one who wanted you is our Father, too.
I know, it’s a bit complicated but soon you’ll understand
life is a marvelous thing
and that’s why we, too, wanted you.
It’s marvelous that now you can understand
it doesn’t matter how much time we’ll spend together
what matters to us is what you will be.
Nothing here is truly useful,
we can do without it all.
To know the Father – that is what is necessary
to get ready for that encounter
and you were born ready.
And I don’t know how to tell you how proud we are of you
we have accompanied you as far as we could,
now you will meet the Father,
Maria Grazia Letizia – “Grace” and “Joy” of our lives.
Daddy Enrico and Mommy Chiara
Prayer written by Chiara and Enrico for the birth in heaven of their daughter Maria Grazia Letizia (10 June 2010)
Davide Giovanni memory card
It was beautiful to accompany you even though at times
it seemed to us that it was you who brought us for a while along your path.
You spoke to us of Him, and of his love for the Sea,
for the grain of wheat, and for the love enclosed in you.
You taught us that love does not make anything imperfect, you are a wonder – unique, irreplicable, and marvelous.
You gave us so much love!
I am glad to be your brother, even if I have found that I am to some extent your father, and so you are to some extent my son,
but this is too great a mystery to grasp completely.
Of one thing I am sure: you are destined for a glory greater than ours.
Who knows what you will do, who knows what you will do, little David?
I don’t know why Jesus chose to stay with us a little while again.
You were a good boy – only near the end did you tell us that He was in you.
But now that we know, we are no longer afraid to let you go
You go on and we will follow you with our gaze
Go on, my love…
Go and see what is there after the mountains, where a beautiful surprise is waiting for you.
Prayer written by Chiara and Enrico for the birth in heaven of their son Davide Giovanni (24 June 2010)
Prayer of consecration to Mary

O Virgin Mary, you who are my Mother,

That loves me so much for God,

Accept today my desire to consecrate myself to you.

I give you my whole self and my very life. I give you my body, my thoughts and feelings, and my inner ability to love and to know the truth.

Everything mine is yours and belongs to you.

I give it to you so that I might totally belong to Christ, life of my life.

With trust and love I repeat to you: Morning Star who lead me to Jesus,

Totus Tuus.