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Chiara’s funeral, 16 June 2012

Chiara’s funeral, 16 June 2012 Few shots taken during the church songs at Chiara’s funeral in Santa Francesca Romana church. Condividi su email Email Condividi su facebook Facebook Condividi su twitter Twitter Condividi su whatsapp WhatsApp

Born to never die

BORN TO NEVER DIE “By a strange series of events we found ourselves in New York. Angelo met Pierluigi. Pierluigi talked about it with Ombretta. Ombretta met Elisa. Elisa told her about Chiara and other people including Teresa who was fascinated by Chiara’s life. Teresa remarked, “Her story is incredible! We want Enrico at …

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The gift of life

On the 19th of October 2009, in the Santa Francesca Romana Parish (Rome), Chiara and Enrico attended a conference entitled the “Gift of Life”. They were invited to testify their experience with the birth of their first daughter Maria Grazia Letizia. This video shows Chiara ‘s speech.