Dear Chiara…

DEAR chiara

With her life Chiara left us a witness of faith.
In this page you can leave comments, thoughts, prayers and your own witness of faith about Chiara.  Your messages are moderated and will be published as soon as possible.


76 thoughts on “Dear Chiara…”

  1. Thank you Chiara for your intercession. My mother has been cleared of cancer. I continue to pray for your continued intercession for her knee and for my son, I know your beautiful smile brings joy to our beloved Mother Mary and to our savior Jesus.
    Thank you

  2. My dear Chiara
    Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. I want to testify that they have changed the course of my mother’s disease. I have prayed my Son might meet someone like you. He has meet a young woman, please pray to our Heavenly Father to bless this union. Please continue to keep my mother in your prayers and my wife,sons, and loved ones. I think often on the moment you embraced the Mother of God, and your children in heaven. I know Jesus Christ must look at you with your radiant smile and smile himself. Mijata, I also ask you to help me with my anxieties..
    Thank you

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