Dear Chiara…

DEAR chiara

With her life Chiara left us a witness of faith.
In this page you can leave comments, thoughts, prayers and your own witness of faith about Chiara.  Your messages are moderated and will be published as soon as possible.


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  1. Dear Chiara,
    Thank you for choosing to love God through the obstacles that you encountered in life and for your example of true, sacrificial love. I would like to ask for your prayers for myself and the young man I love, that we may accept God’s Will for our lives and guide each other closer to Christ, like you and Enrico. Please intercede for our relationship, and especially for me, that I might overcome any obstacles that prevent me from loving him with selfless, sacrificial love. I love him and desire to show him true, Christlike goodness, as you did for Enrico.

  2. Dear Chiara,

    Thank you for finding me, my sister. Your timing is perfect, even if I am very heartbroken by the circumstances that brought about our meeting through your book. Chiara, you know well that everything seems broken and unanswered— my body, my relationship, my career, my “young and free” years. I have such a poverty of hope and yet, your story gives me hope. I am so glad you speak so plainly with God and acknowledged that the turmoil with Enrico was the hardest part of your life. Mine too. Chiara, I want my body to heal but even more, I want “my Enrico” to enter in with me and for us to conquer illness together. I want to give of myself to a man who is so present in my daily life but does not love me. I ask for your intercession to straighten out the crooked lines of our relationship. If he is ultimately not for me, I ask for your intercession to have a wonderful and joyful friendship together, as regardless, we are forced to work with each other every day. I ask that you see to my story— my future spouse, the healing of my body, my future children, my future community, and the students I currently minister to. Chiara please stay close; I do not have a sister but I would like mine to be you. Beg Jesus for joy, clarity, healing, and miracles in my life. Everything is still broken, it’s been broken for a while. I’ve hoped and hoped every year that the redemption of the suffering in the past would come, or at least to have a companion to enter into it all together. I am still waiting. I am struggling to hope, but I believe you’ve taken on my case. Thank you for entering into my life. Please don’t hide, please don’t leave. Cry with me, laugh with me, teach me to hope and be myself again. I want to be beautiful and lovely even in the suffering, and because I am human and being honest, I want the suffering to stop! Please help.

    Thanks sis,

    <3 Kathryn

  3. Maurice Smith

    Thank you Servant of God Chiara, and God bless your family.
    I have sought God’s permission to pray with Chiara for a young mother named Cherie. This week Cherie, has been given an additional 12 months life expectancy, up from days.
    Thank you Jesus.
    May Mother Mary’s grace be upon all God’s creations.

  4. Dear Chiara (and Enrico),

    In 2021, you came into my life unexpectedly. In fact, I never sought to find you. I was looking for a book on Blessed Chiara Luce Badano and somehow I got both Chiaras confused and bought A Witness to Joy. This book impacted my life so much – it pertained to the season I was in so much, especially your love story with Enrico. We don’t really hear love stories from very holy people where they struggled before marriage. I had recently gone through a break-up and the story you and Enrico touched me so much because the way you spoke so honestly to the Lord about Enrico was the same way I was too.

    I asked for your intercession with this particular guy, not to get back together, but for His will to be done and that if and only if a friendship was still there, I prayed and asked for your intercession to pray for us… 24 hours later, the prayer was answered. Our friendship was really fruitful and brought so much goodness. Although, about a year later now, we had to let each other go but I am at peace with it. Like Fr. Vito would say to you, which felt like he was saying to me… “wait and trust.” If I truly believe that the Lord has someone planned for me, He will lead me to Him. Even if it’s not him.

    You became a close friend of mine and still one of my closest friends in Heaven. You affirmed where I was supposed to go to school because as I was discerning which school to go too, I found out that we would be reading your book – I knew the school was for me because you had followed me there. I read your book again and it felt like I was reading it for the first time all over again.

    My friend also went to the Florida Conference where Enrico, Dr. Angelo, and Francesco was at. She kindly got the book signed by Enrico and gave me your prayer card. You have beeen so impactful in my life. God-willing this March, we’ll be able to go to your grave as we travel in Italy.

    Thank you Chiara for your intercession, for your witness to joy.

  5. Dear Chiara,
    You know that my marriage (civil and religious) was valid. Please pray so that the civil annulment doesn’t go through on the false statement from my ex-husband, who states that I have committed fraud and force. This is not true. I was always been transparent on all my faith filled intentions. May our Lord give me strength in carrying this cross. Please pray for me!

  6. Dear Chiara
    Please, say a prayers for my beloved nephew who was born with a genetic bone disease. I am asking you for a miracle of healing for this little seven-month-old baby – so that he could walk alone and be able to stand on his feet someday. So that he could hold the head himself and move the arms and legs. So that he could sit alone. Chiara you know as mom, you wanted always best. Please make miracle. Amen

  7. Dear Chiara , I didn’t know how I got to know Abt you, Bt I know I have run to you for intercession, especially in this struggling relationship that I have.
    Please pray for me, to know the will of the Lord for the relationship and welcome it with Joy.

  8. Dear Chiara,
    I don’t quite have the words to express how your story changed my heart. “Yes, Enrico, it is very sweet” was one of the first things I ever learned about you – your uninhibited, totally surrendered determination to see God’s Will be done. I pray and pray for this sweet surrender and courageous kind of faith. Pray for me that the Lord’s Will be sealed in my heart out of love and devotion for Jesus Christ.
    I am struggling with interior battles that cause me a great deal of suffering. The anxiety, the fears, the uncertainties of it all threaten my trust in Him. Chiara, pray that I finally allow the Lord to soothe my sores and mend my wounds. That in the emptying of the heart I find in suffering, He will fill the gaps in my heart with His Love and Mercy which are inexhaustible.
    Thank you Chiara for your witness to joy and surrender to His Will. Thank you for your prayers every step of my journey.

  9. Dear Chiara and Enrico,
    The book about you and your 3 children has been published in Hungary as well! Thank you so much for saying yes to the cross then! For me, the saints have always been a part of the distant past, it has now become really obvious to me that in the present age also live people who are holy. I have locked you in my heart for a lifetime and I know that a lot of people can draw strength from your sacrifice.
    Medjugorje is a very important place for me too!
    Thank you again for describing your life, once I get to Rome I would definitely like to visit the tombs of Maria, Davide, and Chiara! God bless you and your family!

  10. I have been praying through Chiara’s intercession for my daughter and her unborn child for almost one year. Both their lives were in danger, and doctors said we could lose one or both of them. My daughter was told she would have to consider terminating the pregnancy. ABSOLUTELY NOT. She said she will fight to give this baby a chance. The story is complex because my daughter is a living-donor liver transplant survivor. I was her donor in January 1991. Her life is a miracle. She could not have children, adopted a baby (Luke) and then got pregnant. After she delivered the baby (Isaac) in an emergency C-section at 35 weeks, the doctor said he did not know how she got pregnant as her uterus was the worst he’d ever seen. Then, when she got pregnant again, no one believed it. It was s very difficult pregnancy because of cholestasis very early on and an increase in my daughter’s liver numbers. Very scary time. My daughter suffered much nut did not complain. I am here in Assisi through Saturday and was hoping I might talk to Enrico. I tried to reach out on social media. I want him to know how I read the book about Chiara the year before Shannon was pregnant and how I prayed through her intercession. The baby was born at 31 weeks, alive and healthy!!! Her name … Claire in English / Chiara in Italian. She is named after St. Clare. My cell number is +1 717-538-6061.

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