“By a strange series of events we found ourselves in New York. Angelo met Pierluigi. Pierluigi talked about it with Ombretta. Ombretta met Elisa. Elisa told her about Chiara and other people including Teresa who was fascinated by Chiara’s life. Teresa remarked, “Her story is incredible! We want Enrico at the next New York Encounter!”


“And so this trip happened: from a series of meetings with handshakes and from a generous, unconditional desire to know Chiara more.


“In America we lived a unique experience: tossed about from New York and Washington D.C. without really understanding where we were, but nonetheless we were warmly welcomed everywhere- like people who bring good news. We could have felt lost in those nerve-racking, beautiful, big cities but instead we found ourselves among dear friends and their beauty surpassed the beauty of those cities. We brought with us our testimony about Chiara’s life… but in reality more than telling a story, it was a dialogue with the life of Chiara and the silence and tears of the hearts that were listening.”

Enrico and Angelo

February 17, 2019