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Chiara Corbella is a girl, wife and mother born in Heaven on 13 June 2012.              Chiara and her husband Enrico have guided their two children to Heaven.                          While Chiara was pregnant for the third time, she discovered a tongue tumor.                          She did all she could to take good care of herself and the little life growing inside of her. Francesco was born on 30 May 2011.          Soon after his birth, her physical condition worsened. After one year of sufferance the metastasis caused her death.                            Here we try to tell her story which has changed many lives.

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audio amore mio

“Amore Mio” is the song that accompanied Chiara and Enrico to the altar on the day of their wedding; the same song filled the church of Santa Francesca Romana during Chiara’s funeral.

Here is an old recording, the lyrics and the musical chords.

The song has been registered and all rights are reserved but you can use it freely during celebrations.                                                                If otherwise you want to use the song in other contexts, we would be glad to receive your request first.


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